Telling the D word to ‘bugger off’:

So my past posts have been pretty “depressing” (haha) so I think it’s time that I shared the ways I deal with my depression and anxiety.

Sleep – Healthy body, healthy mind. I find that when I have a good amount of sleep (No more than 9 hours, no less than 8) I am often happier the next day and have more energy.

Becoming an open book – The more you keep the feelings in, the worse they get! Confide in a close friend or even get your thoughts out to the world by writing a blog. Do not keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself as they will only grow. I have learnt this the hard way, the amount of ridiculous arguments I have caused with my boyfriend over silly things that I have only bottled up and over-thought is stupid! Lucky for me he is patient!

Be a busy bee! – Most people, whether they suffer from depression or not, will agree that the less you do with your day the more down and anxious you will get. This is because being left alone with yourself for too long is not good for your mind. So if you have nothing planned with your day then go for a walk or even a sit outside – that’s another good thing, fresh air! One of my struggles is having the motivation to do this, therefore I literally have to throw myself out of bed and force it upon myself – I promise you it will be worth it!

Anti-depressants – You will have some people who preach at you saying that anti-depressants are bad because you will “depend” on them and they will “change” you. Most of these people have probably never been on anti-depressants before so what does that say? Having studied Psychology for 2 years I have covered depression briefly – enough to know that it can often be induced by altering the amount of serotonin in the brain. Therefore, some anti-depressants (such as SSRIs, which is what I am on) will simply help the brain to the serotonin back to a normal level. For me it was difficult to admit that I needed anti-depressants but I honestly believe that they have just helped my brain to recover back to normal. And no, I don’t suddenly get a ‘happy high’ when I take them, I don’t even feel that they have made a noticeable difference, they’re just helping me to become ‘me’ again.

You are what you eat – EAT YOUR GREENS! Have you ever noticed that after demolishing a bag of Sensations crisps  you feel a bit lethargic and crap? Research suggests that the healthier you eat the healthier your thoughts are, bare that in mind!

So these are some tips I have which have so far helped me to start my journey of over-coming my depression! I’ll be sure to keep you update with what I find next 🙂

B x

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